Small Office Home Office (SOHO) Bookkeeping System

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The retail price of GEORGE the BOOKKEEPER and full registration is $143 which includes GST.
You get the software with an inbuit electronic manual as well as an Interactive Multimedia Tutorial all included on a CDROM.
The Multimedia Tutorial is only available on CDROM.
If you are in Melbourne's Metropolitian Area, then you can have the CDROM, the software installed, setup and a Two Hour (2hr) training session for you and your staff for $220 including GST.
It is also possible to purchase the CDROM on it's own for $9.90.
If you take this option you should order a Free Registration Key.

You can also pay by credit card using the PayPal service. (Prices are in $US)

Jobs and Sales, Clients:

Expenses and Expense Categories:

Stock Purchases, Purchase Orders and Suppliers:



Can GEORGE handle the GST and Activity Statements?
GEORGE will give you output for both cash and accruals reporting as well as the Calculation sheet method and new Accounts method.
George will even tell you what figures to put into the Business Activity Statement Forms boxes.
What could be quicker and easier ?.

System Management:

The Access Code for a user is "user"
The Access Code for a manager is "manage"

The default date format of BOOKKEEPER is dd/mm/yyyy
You can select mm/dd/yyyy as well.
Make sure the Windows settings are the same (Use Control Panel to set).

Your printer should be a local printer connected to the computer or, if you need to use a network printer then make sure you capture and connect it to a local port (LPT1) on your PC.

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