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GEORGE's Problems aren't usually that bad, but as they are reported by users, they will be added to this page.


When adding a new inventory item, make sure that the total used field is set to a value and not left blank otherwise an error occurs when saving the record.

When printing a Receipt for an installation, you may need to manually press form feed on the printer to get the printout.

After listing Debtors (unpaid invoices or bad debts) in the Accounts Module, clicking the print button gives no printout.
If the listing contains more than 50 entries the next page cannot be viewed.
Please use the Unpaid Invoices option in Jobs and Sales instead.

First Submitted by AG Appliances (Five Ways VIC)

When listing jobs and sales and you double click an entry in the list, an earlier record appears instead of the one clicked.
This happens as there are sales in the list previous to the entry clicked.
Sales use 2 extra lines in the current version listing due to an oversight by me.
Just click the right arrow button to move forward to the correct record.

First Submitted by Shayne Dowthwaite (Wandin Nth VIC)

When adding a new Job or Sale, do not use the "add new client" option from the select client dropdown list.
It adds the client but fails to inform the Job Record of who the client is.
Please add the new client from the clients menu first, then add the new Job record and select the client from the dropdown list.

The same goes for adding a new inventory item from the New stockpurchase screen.

First Submitted by AG Appliances (Five Ways VIC)

When adding a new Job or Sale, the "labour hours" field may show a dollar amount of 0.00 not 0.0 hrs.
Just reselect the "job type" from the dropdown list and it will become the correct value.

First Submitted by Frasca Electronics (Sale VIC)

A few people have reported that the client that a job has been done for has changed.
They both have had there records unlocked when this has occurred.
The solution is to leave the records locked under normal conditions and use the unlock option only when you need to correct mistakes made.

First Submitted by Avcom Electronics (Geelong VIC)

When making any type of sale and the deposit paid is equal to the cost plus tax the balance shows $0.00.
You save the record only to find that the next time you look at the record, it is invoiced again.

With the introduction of the GST, 10% of the total cost is added as tax, and if the total cost was
for example $12.34 then the GST is $1.23. the 0.4 cents is still calculated, so the deposit paid is less then the amount and tax by 0.4 cents.
Even though the balance shows $0.00, it is really $0.004.
Therefore the balance is not really zero and the sale record stays as invoiced.
The easy solution until next version of software is to make the deposit paid 0.6 or 1 cent more than what is actually paid.
Then you will see that the status will change to paid automatically when the deposit is entered.

First Submitted by S.A Stewart Washing Machine Repairs (Maidstone VIC)

Printing an invoice for a trade sale prints the deposit paid incorrectly as the sale amount.

First Submitted by Avcom Electronics (Geelong VIC)

A counter sale should never print an invoice as the balance is always zero.
When the sale amount is entered the cents component seems to leave the balance occasionally part of a cent, which
still shows as $0.00. The effect this has is to print an invoice instead of a receipt.

First Submitted by All Brands Electronics (Bathurst NSW)

Looking at any sales made and paid for prior to GST implementation shows them as Invoiced with the Tax still owing.
This only happens for sales and only when the status is paid.
This does not effect any financial listings, only the record display and is due to the tax settings not being reset for archived data.

First Submitted by All Brands Electronics (Bathurst NSW)

When Editing a Business Activity Statements' details and you then save it, the tax amounts are cleared.
This will happen if you mark the BAS as Paid or Received.
Don't change the BAS details until V1.7 is being used.


When a list is being displayed in any module and the list button is accidently clicked again, the current list being displayed does not clear.
This means that if you were viewing a page of the list other than the first page when the list button was clicked a second time, and
you then double clicked a record in the list to display it, the record details shown will not be for the correct record but the record in the same position on the first page.
Records 53, 103, 153 etc when clicked would display record 3.

This problem does not occur on the CDROM version release.
This does not occur on the latest update available on the webpage.

First Submitted by Frasca Electronics (Sale VIC)

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